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Why Your Book Needs a Great Editor

Words and voice are precious to authors but so is readability and credibility. A good editor makes sure your content is grammatically correct, right down to the last comma. A great editor ensures your voice shines through, popping off the page to grab your readers. 

Who is the Comma Queen?

I’m a freelance content editor who has worked as a copy editor for a publisher of manuals for computer networking professionals, for a major medical/health sciences publisher, and for a Catholic communications publisher. I’ve been working as an editor since 1998 and have been freelancing since 2002. Since 2013, I’ve been building my own client base as an independent content editor. After editing my second motivational book, Rob Floyd’s The Playbook, I realized that I wanted to be working on more nonfiction and fiction books for self-publishing authors. Being able to transform 90 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing into a structured, focused book that effectively presented Floyd’s point of view sparked a passion in me.

My number one priority as an editor is to let the author’s voice shine through. My job is to make the material into complete sentences structured into a logical sequence while keeping an author’s unique voice, style, and point of view. As a book editor, I can help structure the book into clear chapters that highlight the main points. By recommending changes in the content where I see weaknesses or incomplete material, I collaborate with the author and put him or her in the driver’s seat when it comes to major changes. I help bring out the strongest, most focused content from the author. Once any major rewrites or reorganization of content are done, I go through the whole book with a fine-toothed comb to correct any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and to make the writing consistent and in parallel structure.

Besides books, I can edit any material to be published, whether it’s website content, pamphlets, presentations, manuals, or in-house communications. Spell-checker gives a false sense of security, but it can’t tell when you’ve used the wrong “there,” “their,” or “they’re.” I’m the one who remembers those seemingly random rules of grammar from 7th grade and knows how to use a semicolon correctly. You’re the professional, and your materials should be professional too, right down to the last comma. Materials edited by the Comma Queen provide credibility and professionalism to your writing.

Karen Tucker

Karen Tucker


Editing and Layout Services Offered

Copy Editing

    • Correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    • Ensure consistency in capitalization.
    • Follow style guide as chosen or provided by client.
    • Flag unclear sentences to determine meaning.
    • Ensure consistent use of technical terms and acronyms.
    • Put references in correct format and verify they correlate to in-text citations.
    • Ensure consistency of content and style across multiple publications for the same project.

Content Editing

In addition to services provided with copy editing, the following will be included:

    • Check for an opening to the content that grabs the reader.
    • Ensure theme and main points have been developed properly.
    • Ensure the author’s voice remains predominant.
    • Check content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies.
    • Fiction: Point out plot holes to the author.
    • Fiction: Check for character development and realistic dialogue.
    • Help author structure book, if needed.
    • Reorganize content as needed.
    • Suggest chapter and section breaks in appropriate places.
    • Eliminate clichés, slang, and redundancies.

Basic Layout

    • Ensure consistent look to document.
    • Ensure page and section breaks are placed properly.
    • Create paragraph styles for consistent formatting.
    • Use and follow any templates provided by client.
    • Create template as requested by client.
    • Create Table of Contents, if needed.
    • Insert appropriate headers and footers.
    • Provide Word document with paragraph styles ready for a designer to do final book layout and conversion to ebook.


I charge an hourly rate based on the type of service needed, the project, and turnaround time. I provide free estimates for a project when provided a sample. Please contact me to find out my competitive rates!

All Comma Queen Editing services will be provided in the following format:

    • In most cases, copy editing and content editing will be performed using Microsoft Word and utilizing the Track Changes and Comment features.
    • At the client’s request, copy editing and content editing services may be provided using traditional pen markups on printed paper.
    • Basic layout services will be provided using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint depending on the content being developed.
    • At the client’s request, copy editing and content editing may be completed online using project-specific websites and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients do you work with?


I work with independent authors to help them through the self-publishing process. I have worked directly with the publishing or marketing department of large corporations on ongoing projects and small consulting firms on project-specific tasks such as training materials, manuals, and presentations. I also subcontract with independent book publishers. A list of some of my past/current clients is provided below.


  • Beth Clauss Consulting
  • Creative Communications for the Parish
  • Davis Creative Publishing Partners
  • Denise Micka, Goleta Press
  • Editwright
  • Edward Jones
  • Elsevier eLearning
  • Kathleen Frosch, author of children’s books
  • Mission Possible Press
  • Ned Lips, author of Reset series
  • Tom Woodcock, owner of Seal the Deal


What is your turnaround time?
Unfortunately there is no set answer. The turnaround time of a project depends on scope of the project and workload at the time. I can promise you that I will work efficiently, will work with you to develop a schedule/timeline that I will stick to, and will always answer emails promptly.


What file format should my documents be in?

I prefer to edit all documents using Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). However, at the client’s request, I will edit using Google Docs or other online software, edit in Adobe Acrobat, or provide markups on printed paper. I will also provide your final document in PDF format if needed for publishing.

Do you have samples of your edited work?

Yes, I do. However, because of the proprietary material I’ve edited, I can’t post other people’s/companies’ content on my site. I’d be happy to show you some samples if we meet in person. So contact me!

Why don’t you price per word?

Every piece of writing is different and requires different types and levels of editing. Depending on the type of material and how much work it needs, I could spend 1 hour on 2 pages of content or zip through 10 pages of content in an hour. I also need to ensure that I’m getting paid for the time I put in but also that I put in the time that’s needed to do a good job on the project. I also provide a personal touch, working closely with the author to offer guidance, answer questions, and ensure the author’s complete satisfaction with the end product.

Do you provide estimates?

Yes. If provided with a sample of your work (usually around 10 pages), I would be happy to provide a free estimate of your project. I’d also like to know about what you’ve written, how long it is (in pages), how you plan to publish, your timeline, and what type of editing you’re needing. Please note that an estimate is just that—an estimate of the hours to complete a project. I charge the time it actually takes me to complete the project, which could be more or less than the original estimate. I always communicate with you about the hours worked and if I think I’ll go over the estimate before I actually go over it.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept personal checks and money orders made payable to Karen L. Tucker. I also accept payment electronically through PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo.


What My Clients Are Saying

Karen didn’t just edit my book; she dove in and learned about these characters—knowing them as well as I do. She connected me with other talents to help move the book along, and she didn’t hesitate to get in the boat with me and travel the waters through its duration. She pushed my book more than anyone else, becoming its biggest cheerleader.

Denise Micka

Author, Catherine's War

Working with Karen Tucker, the Comma Queen, has been such an enlightening and gratifying experience. Her attention to detail, her ability to clarify intent and meaning, and her tenacity to work through difficult projects, staying true to the author(‘s) message, is so appreciated. As a writing coach and publisher, she has taken our projects to another level. Our books are better because of Karen. My only regret is that I didn’t find her before the first 30 books!

Jo Lena Johnson

The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, Publisher, Mission Possible Press

I wanted to tell you how much better your edits make the writing and the story. I love your suggestions, especially where I have trouble explaining my thoughts. Really, thank you.

Piper Punches

Author, The Murder Lawyer Series

I may not be the greatest writer in the world, time will tell, but Karen makes me look like I am. Her help with my prose, timing, word usage, proofreading and flow are incomparable. I’ve worked with several other editors, and no one makes me look as good as Karen.

Ned Lips

Author, The Reset Series

Karen truly is the Comma Queen. She has a way with words that is second to none. She is thorough, factual, and is the best at simplifying what can be complicated subjects.

John Lee

Best-selling Author, Secrets of a Dealionaire

Karen was my confidant in writing The Playbook. She went above and beyond every step of the way, and was on call 24/7 when I had questions. Karen made the process fun and exciting. I’ll never use another editor in any project I work on going forward. She’s the absolute best.

Will Ridley

Author, Tobacco Cuttin’

Karen edited my book You’re Not Sellin’, They’re Buyin’ in 2006. She did a fantastic job in a timely fashion while also giving me some good suggestions on verbiage. The book is in its 3rd print and the reviews have been outstanding. I attribute a portion of this response to the assistance Karen gave me through the process. She will be editing all my books in the future.

Tom Woodcock

Author, Seal the Deal

Karen was my confidant in writing The Playbook. She went above and beyond every step of the way, and was on call 24/7 when I had questions. Karen made the process fun and exciting. I’ll never use another editor in any project I work on going forward. She’s the absolute best.

Rob Floyd

Author, The Playbook

Karen has taken my book, Digital Painting with Krita 2.9, to a new level with her editing skills. Not only did she do a great job catching grammar, spelling, and style issues, but she also spent time understanding the content. I am blown away by how detailed Karen was when editing my book. A few times while making changes I took a break, laid down, and was overcome with relief with the embarrassment she saved me.

Scott Petrovic

Author/artist, Louvus Media

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